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  We are a consulting, coaching and training organization that specializes in providing proven sales strategies, exclusive sales floor data and processes that create a highly skilled sales force … thereby ensuring increased vehicle sales, improved profits, fulfilled employees and satisfied customers.


Train, Educate &  Coach Your Sales Teams


Produce Position  To Win Sales Environments


Managing Sales Floor Operations 


We create a well-structured, organized, process-driven, winning sales culture that is created through a strategy of continuous sales process improvement incorporating data, analytics, guidance, and training, where your sales personnel have the knowledge, confidence, and tools necessary to put themselves into a POSITION TO WIN situation EVERY TIME … Where they create the ultimate opportunity to win... To Make a Deal! … And Close the Sale!





The aim of this program is to rapidly arm the new employee(s) with robust sales skills

Tune Up 

The aim of this program is to improve and sharpen your new or experienced  employee(s) sales skillset

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Level Up Sales Floor

A team program designed to install a new sales floor game plan that retools and resets the POSITION TO WIN sales floor discipline




This provides for an experienced, dedicated sales instructor with an undivided commitment on a one-to-one basis



Todd's #1 passion... is to proficiently coach and mentor automotive sales professionals into happy, financially successful individuals.  


Todd’s experience encompasses over 20 years of sales and sales management experience. He has been blessed to have trained hundreds of outstanding and exceptional sales representatives and managers. 

Todd’s passionate focus and ongoing success have been a result of his unique ability to cultivate a consensus ‘buy-in’ from both sales representatives and managers alike to commit to the ‘process-driven’ POSITION TO WIN sales process… whereby all participants march in the same direction, all with one common goal; to be in a POSITION TO WIN. 

A highly trained process driven staff, all working together to increase sales, improve profits and trigger repeat customers.  MORE SELECTIONS + MORE DEMOS + MORE WORKSHEETS = MORE SALES! The results can be outstanding. Let me introduce myself…

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