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Program    Purpose

This program is geared primarily, but not exclusively, to a new-hire or experienced employees. The aim of this program is to rapidly arm the employee with robust sales skills allowing the individual to get up to speed quickly in order to excel both as an individual as well as a team member under a well-documented, yet disciplined sales process. The JUMPSTART Program quickly instills the essential industry information, corporate discipline, personal confidence and motivation as well as the required sales and closing skills necessary to create POSITION TO WIN sales situations with every customer.  

Who    Should   Attend?

New to industry, newly hired salespeople as well as experienced salespeople who are looking for a fresh restart for improved results.


4 times a year or every quarter (Recommended)


4 consecutive days, approx. 5 hours of instructor training

per day.

When & Where


WHERE: Choice of Dealership Facilities or Virtual Online Sessions or Off-Site locations requested by Client*

Program Includes

  • Sales Process Reference Manual

  • Approx. 20 hours of Interactive Instructor training

  • Roleplaying

  • Quizzes and test

  • Certificate of completion

Sales Trainer

Our sales trainers have experience in training over hundreds of sales representatives from new hires to elite sales representatives. Our trainers have experience in retail dealership sales, financial services, sales management, and general management. 

Program    Highlights: 

  • Introduction to POSITION TO WIN - cultivating more vehicle selections, demos & worksheets

  • Overview of Professionalism, Philosophy & Attitude - Assuming the sale! & What that means?

  • Setting Goals/Objectives/Expectations using the POSITION TO WIN sales process

  • POSITION TO WIN  Sales Process Training - in-depth training of all 13 sales steps

  • POSITION TO WIN Sales Process interactive role play

  • Worksheet & Closing Bootcamp Training - Level 1  Strategic Closing Techniques

  • Interactive Worksheet & Closing role-play session - Level 1  Strategic Closing Techniques

  • How to market yourself

  • Appointments & Followup - How to cultivate and keep them alive?

  • Review and Ask the Trainer, Q & A?


Program    Price

Call for pricing 

Is this something you are interested in? Let's get started!

Contact Training Manager, Todd Martin at:                           or


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