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A Program For Every Dealership

Our mission is to satisfy YOUR needs – to be flexible and design programs that suit YOUR specific requirements, be it weekly, monthly or quarterly programs focused on managers, individuals or the entire sales team. Additionally, through our continuous data collection of real-time sales performance, this approach enables our trainers to focus on specific individuals, sales teams and/or managers' performance thereby tailoring our coaching techniques at every key step of the sales process and adjust what actions are, and are not, working. This customized methodology, supported by individual-specific real-time performance data, will improve the individual’s sales performance… Instantly the result…More vehicle selections, more vehicle demonstrations, more worksheets which equals more vehicle sales.

That's the POSITION TO WIN!!

Highlights include the following:

Train, Educate and Coach Your Sales Teams

  1. Implement the POSITION TO WIN process throughout the entire sales department

  2. Sales team training to professionally follow-up and seek out sales opportunities … until the vehicle sale is actually delivered.

  3. Use a customer-focused process that guides the consumer through a low-pressure sales process

  4. Monitor and adjust sales staff selling issues and challenges in real-time.

  5. Provide ongoing one-on-one, jumpstart, monthly or quarterly training sessions to reinforce the use of the POSITION TO WIN process.

  6. Generating all-encompassing sales department success through POSITION TO WIN training and hands-on coaching support


 Sales Environments

  1. Learning to be competitive in challenging environments by understanding and implementing the POSITION TO WIN process

  2. Creating highly effective selling environments due to salespeople being better prepared … thereby increasing POSITION TO WIN situations.

  3. Encourage and train sales staff to prospect and create floor traffic so you can create more POSITION TO WIN situations.

  4. Maintain salesforce skill levels and coach sales personnel to take advantage of every prospect opportunity to the fullest.

Managing Sales Floor Operations

  1. POSITION TO WIN encourages a detailed step-by-step plan so the sales teams know exactly what they should be doing at all times during the sales process.

  2. Learn to generate POSITION TO WIN sales environments where managers can coach their salespeople and make the necessary adjustments ‘on the fly’, effectively and accurately.

  3. Continually track and analyze data to monitor real-time performance through every step of the POSITION TO WIN process

  4. Through continuous POSITION TO WIN education and training produce highly effective and productive sales staff as a result of their enhanced training, skills, and performance.

Our Objective is Clear … And Sincere – POSITION TO WIN Automotive Consulting creates a well-structured, organized, process-driven, winning sales culture created through a strategy of continuous sales method improvement, guidance, and training, where your sales personnel have the knowledge, confidence, and tools necessary to put themselves into a POSITION TO WIN situation EVERY TIME … Where they create the ultimate opportunity to win … To Make a Sale! … And Close the Sale!

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